Hair Oil
Try any of our herbal hair oils. The Ayurvedic recipes for healthy and shiny hair were handed down from generations. Due to their natural ingredients, all hair oils in the range are perfect for nourishing and growing hair without any other hair and scalp issues.
Hair Tonic
Hair tonic makes the hair look shinier, which is viewed by many people as an indication of healthy hair. Additionally, it helps to moisturize dry hair, lubricate a dry scalp, and control dandruff.
Herbal Syrup
In our range of herbal syrup, we currently have Hervy flow asav syrup prepared from kinwa, yav and extracts of pashanbhedi, goxur, varun and punarnava. This syrup is recommended to those who have kidney stones. 
Rose Water
Buy from us natural rose water and use it as a toner or add a few drops in home-made face packs. This toning solution reduces skin redness, lightens skin pigmentation and unclogs pores to remove oil and dirt from skin. 

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